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A Picture of a Dumpster Enclosure That Heave Haul-It Junk Removal Cleaned out in New Castle Delaware

Overview And Scope Of The Project

Heave Haul-It Junk Removal was contacted by a supply chain management company to cleanup the lot of a large national retailer with a location in the New Castle Delaware area. Trash was piled up in large wheeled containers seen above as well as scattered throughout the property. Mostly discarded paper products and alcohol containers made up the majority of the the waste found on the property. However, other Junk needed to be removed as well including an old tire found behind the dumpster enclosure. An N95 and rubber gloves were worn under our general work gloves due to unsanitary conditions and presence of vermin. 


Alcohol Container Found on Commercial Cleanout
Picture of an old tire found on a commercial cleanout in New Castle

Junk Removal Solution and Resolution

We First began by emptying all of the contents of the wheeled containers into our dump trailer. The containers were then neatly placed next to the dumpster enclosure. One worker proceeded to the disposal facility while the other began picking up the back lot. Next, the dumpster enclosure was swept clean and the rubbish and old tire behind the enclosure was removed. Finally the sides, front and general perimeter were picked up. In total 10 cubic yards of mixed waste were removed from this commercial lot in New Castle Delaware during the course of providing our Junk Removal Service. Overall the project took 6 hours to complete from start to finish and over 100 photos were taken and shared with the client remotely.